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What Is My Home Worth?

Home – it’s a place where we feel safe… a refuge so to speak. We spend years making it our own, right? We put just the right touches in each room and with the help of Pinterest, we make our home beautiful and trendy.

But then…. life happens. Job transfers, new job opportunities, retirement, marriage, grandkids, family members become ill… whatever the reason, we face the decision of leaving our beautiful safe haven. NOW WHAT???? Who do I call? What agent will sell my home? Will other buyers love my home as much as I do? What is my house even worth? Will I make a profit or will I lose money?  Some of the many questions we all face when the season comes to sell our home.

At Coastal Lifestyle Realty Group, we know the challenges and the fears associated with selling your home. We get our hands dirty and do what it takes to get you the most money for your home. We help you get your home ready for market, we use only the best photographers to portray your beautiful home, we price your home competitively for what the buyers are looking for in your neighborhood and what they are willing to pay. Our agents are skilled in putting YOU first… customer service is our #1 asset. We truly become advocates for our clients.

When you come to the season of selling your home, please give our team a call. We will give you a customized home valuation so you will have an accurate plan for moving forward.

Our team can be reached at (850) 972-0087. You can also visit our website at and read more about our team and our agents.

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